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About us


We are a brand of jewelry and accessories for a current and real woman. A woman true to herself, who wants to take care of herself and feel good. Our goal is to exalt the natural beauty of each and every one of us to bring out our best version.

We want to be a universe for women where they can feel comfortable and unique with our pieces in this chaotic world. 

Moncollier is synonymous with closeness, current affairs, perfectionism but above all passion for what you do. We create, design and produce unique pieces. 



Passionate about designing and creating jewellery, Cris, the founder of the brand, has dedicated herself since she was a child to creating unique pieces for the women around her. With the birth of her first child, she decided to leave her professional career as a pharmacist and bet on her hobby, turning it into her life project.

In 2014 Moncollier becomes a reality, launches its website and opens, in turn, the doors of its first showroom in Barcelona.

With the desire to continue growing and together with his team, in 2017 he opened his first store in the Galvany neighborhood. We are a team that we define: "of women for women". Focused on working day by day to create unique, comfortable and timeless pieces for you. 

It is made up of very diverse but persevering, authentic, versatile and passionate women in what they do. 

We work every day inspired by you, sharing your concerns, trying to exceed your standards and creating this universe that we call Moncollier. 

United we are the perfect balance to make you shine! 


That woman who loves life, her own life. Fun, natural, feminine, passionate and hard-working. Who looks for his style among the Amazonian world of fashion. The one who likes to organize parties and the one who prefers a dinner for two. The one that on good heels, feels safer. The one who knows how to enjoy a coffee, a trip or a Sunday with the family. Lover of details and authenticity. The one that sometimes doesn't get to everything, but always tries with a smile. That woman who chooses gifts with special care. The one that faces your closet every morning. The one who takes care of herself and knows how to pamper herself. This is the woman that we like in moncollierbcn, so perfect and imperfect. Someone like You.

Let us accompany you, we want to see you shine